of Swami Abhishiktananda's Life

On the summit of Arunachala (circa 1952)

“The place of birth and the changing circumstances of life are really of little importance to him who has chosen—or rather, has been granted—to exist in this world as no more than a sign, a linga, of the Lord, while his own self, his ‘I’, all that made him an individual in men’s eyes, has been swallowed up for good in the overwhelming experience of Him who alone IS.”

The Secret of Arunachala, Delhi (ISPCK), 1997, p. 117.

“There is only one Birth, at the very heart of Being, the birth in which Being is revealed to itself, in that 'place' beyond all place, from which all comes and to which all returns… There is but one Source.”

The Mountain of the Lord: Pilgrimage to Gangotri, Delhi (ISPCK), 1990, p.27.